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Linda Stanley 



State of Colorado — Hearing Officer 

April 2017 - January 2020 

Responsible for conducting quasi-judicial administrative law hearings for adjudication of license revocation and suspension for driver's, liquor, racing, and other licenses regulated by the Department of Revenue, as well as support for the Executive Director in tax hearings.

● Collect, examine, and analyze documents, reports, and testimony.
● Weigh all evidence presented to reach a logical conclusion.
● Issue rulings by communicating both verbally and in writing using clear and concise language.
● Extensive knowledge of applicable laws, rules and regulations.
● Work with multiple jurisdictions in a professional manner
● Training and management of new employees.
● Prepare presentations for training and present to other employees
● Manage multiple projects simultaneously while adhering to strict time restraints


City of Pueblo — Municipal Prosecutor 

January 2016 – January 2017 

As the first municipal court prosecutor, I was assigned to start-up the prosecutions for the City of Pueblo including review of all cases, conduction pre-trial conferences, investigation, interviewing witnesses, issuing subpoenas, and conducting trials. 

● Develop all policies and procedures for Municipal Court prosecutions utilizing input from multiple agencies.
● Collaborate with other agencies and professionals in development or revision of current laws, rules, and regulations.
● Prosecute all cases in Municipal Court cited by police, code enforcement, animal control, parking enforcement, building codes, and sales tax.
● Conduct investigations of cases in preparation for trial by identifying, locating and interviewing witnesses.
● Collect, examine, and analyze documents, reports, and witness statements
● Participate in a team environment for successful resolution of cases.
● Investigate and prosecute all liquor board violations in the presence of the liquor board.
● Defend all appeals filed in Municipal Court through extensive investigative research culminating in the drafting of appeal briefs.
● Answer all subpoena duces tecum requests for personnel files and appearances in court through effective and efficient investigation of the facts.
● Answer all CORA requests through investigation of issue and relevant laws, policies, and rules.

10th Judicial District — Deputy District Attorney 

September 2010 – January 2016 

Handle heavy caseload from initial charging through final disposition including appearances in the First Appearance Center, County Court, and District Court. 

● Handle all cases and supervise investigations of felony, misdemeanor and traffic cases through self-motivated and self-directed initiative with little or no supervision.
● Hold motions hearings, preliminary hearings, revocation hearings, restitution and recovery hearings, jury trials, and all matters relating to the successful prosecution of a case.
● Prosecute cases of a sensitive and confidential matter including cases of fraud and the prosecution of licensed professionals.
● Review and edit reports including affidavits for warrantless arrests and charging documents.
● Extensive working knowledge of all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
● Collect, examine, and analyze evidence including documents, reports, and witness statements.
● Conduct investigations of cases by identifying, locating and interviewing witnesses.
● Adhere to strict deadlines for all matters.
● Manage multiple projects and cases simultaneously while adhering to strict time restraints.
● Utilize time management effectively and efficiently.
● Adhere to strict deadlines for all matters
● Collaborate and provide professional guidance to multiple agencies through effective verbal and written communication skills
● Provide guidance and expertise to multiple jurisdictions and professions.


City of Thornton — Municipal Prosecutor (Intern) 

August 2009 – May 2010 

Prosecute municipal cases and conducted court trials and other duties as assigned by the City Attorney 




University of Denver Sturm College of Law- Juris Doctorate

*President of the Criminal Law Association

*Vice-President of Student Government

*President of Law School Students for the Right-to-Life 

University of Colorado at Denver- Master's Degree in Public Administration

*Program on Domestic Violence

Metropolitan State College of Denver- Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

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